FAQ e-house®

1. What are the main advantages of an e-house?
2. What is its lifespan?
3. To what extent are e-Houses fire and gale resistant?
4. What is included in your price?
5. Can I choose a different material for the exterior façade?
6. Can I choose the look of my interior wall?
7. What does the process of purchasing an e-house look like?
8. When will my house be ready?
9. Do I need a building permit?
10. What does the wall structure look like?
11. What does the roof structure look like?
12. How will my house be furnished?
13. What kind of foundations do I need?
14. What kind of heating can I get?
15. How much is the transport and e-house installation?
16. What if I need a larger space in the future?
17. Who will build my e-house?
18. What other purposes might an e-house serve?

1. What are the main advantages of an e-house? 
- very low energy consumption (monthly expenses for a 4-room house are only around 50-60 € including electricity, heating and even hot water)
- wooden wall construction has 3.8 times better thermal resistance than a brick wall (20cm wood + insulation has the same thermal resistance as a 76cm-thick brick wall)
- in northern European  states such as Finland, Sweden, Norway and the like, up to 95% of family houses are made from a wooden structure
- considerably cheaper construction costs than with brick buildings
- house construction time is within 3 months
- the owner can move in immediately after the house is completed. There is no need for additional house ventilation as with brick structures
- walls have much better sound insulation properties
- hygienic and healthy house (the most suitable solution for people with allergies)
- an ecological building made of natural materials, minimum energy used while being constructed
- 20 years warranty on the entire house structure

2. What is its lifespan?
Wooden structures have a long tradition; many historical wooden objects have lasted to this day. In European climate wooden structures over 100 years old are common.
As to the exterior wooden façade, a regularly impregnated façade will last for many decades.
We will be happy to advise you about appropriate façade in terms of its lifespan.

3. To what extent are e-house fire and gale resistant?
The entire interior of the house is covered with non-combustible plasterboards that protect your house from fire. These materials comply with the European standard EN1647 which ensures that your house is safe in terms of fire protection. The house is able to withstand a strong gale common in European climate zone. The e-House is very solid also because it is designed to be transported even a long distance to a customer's building site. The house is then mounted together with foundation components.

4. What is included in your price?
We offer two main versions of the house: a recreational object or a year-round object.                                                                                                                                           Afterwards you can choose from 6 different size options and depending on the level of its fittings and fixtures, there are three main categories: BASIC, CLASSIC and PREMIUM. For example, the price for a CLASSIC category includes everything that you need at home to be able to move in, including all furniture! We'll give you the keys to your new house and you can immediately move in, make coffee in the kitchen and enjoy the view from your terrace window. We will give you a completely finished house for a price that includes:
- putting the house on your property and connecting it to all water pipes, sewage pipes and electricity
- a completely finished façade based on your selection
- a high-quality flat roof with a 20-year warranty
- a new kitchen unit including a sink, a cooking stove and an extractor hood
- built-in wardrobes in each room (as indicated in the plans)
- fully functional fixtures in the bathroom (sink, shower, toilet, water taps...)
- complete electrical wiring including sockets, switches, electrical switchboard and ceiling lights
- ceramic tiles wherever indicated in the plans (walls and floors in the bathroom, kitchen etc.)
- ready-to-mount non-flammable materials and surfaces for installing a future fireplace
- all internal walls covered with a high quality stucco paint (possibility to install wooden, stone, ceramic or another type of cladding etc.)
- electric heating infra panels in every room, including bathrooms
- all doors and windows (interior and exterior)

5. Can I choose a different material for the exterior façade?
The standard façade cladding is vertical or horizontal tongue-and-groove red spruce boarding. 
However, you can also choose from a wide variety of other façade finishes - wooden façade, stone cladding, stucco face, steel panels, fibre-cement boards, etc.

6. Can I choose the look of my interior wall?

Typically, we offer high quality stucco paint that you can combine with stone, ceramic or interior wood cladding. The bathroom and kitchen both automatically come with ceramic tiles.  We will be happy to offer you any other finish that you might like.

7. What does the process of purchasing an e-House look like?
The whole process is simple and comes in steps. You don’t have to worry about the construction at all; there won’t be any complaints from the neighbors or any problems with building suppliers... Everything will be straightforward and without any problems that are usually associated with building a house.

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8. When will my house be ready?

Your one-module house will be ready in 3 months from the signing of the contract. 
For a two-module house, (4 rooms and more) the house will be ready in 5 months.
9. Do I need a building permit?
The obligation to have a building permit depends on the size of the house, the type of foundations it has, how it is connected to all service connections and the particular building authority.
Just contact us and we'll check everything for you.
10. What does the wall structure look like?
A standard wall consists of 8 different layers, including 16cm-thick mineral wool thermal insulation, two layers of OSB boards, a layer of plasterboard etc. The wall structure complies with the EU standards for low-energy-consumption houses valid from 2016 for all family houses in the EU.


11. What does the roof structure look like?

Overall, 8 layers create the roof and guarantee its thermal properties, including a 30cm layer of thermal insulation. Just like the walls, the roof complies with the EU standards for low-energy-consumption houses. We use a waterproof membrane that is elastic, resilient and resistant to UV radiation. We recommend covering the whole roof with a thin layer of gravel, which extends the roof warranty to 20 years!


12. How will my house be furnished?

We offer three options for the interior of the house for a year-round occupancy: BASIC, CLASSIC and PREMIUM.
BASIC (unfurnished) – gives you the opportunity to use your own furniture. It's an unfurnished house, but everything else will be ready for you to move in: finished floors, walls, electricity, overhead lights, interior and exterior doors, basic bathroom fixtures (toilet, shower, sink) etc. The house will be ready for you to move in!

CLASSIC (standard furniture) – apart from basic fittings you can choose from stylish kitchen units, built-in wardrobes, ceiling or wall heating infra-panels , many kinds of lights etc. You may also choose the final style and design of your interior furniture.

PREMIUM (bespoke interior) - do you have an exact idea of your dream interior? Tell us your wishes and we will create a 3D visualisation of your new house and afterwards we will also build your unique bespoke furniture. Let your creative senses and your imagination become reality.

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13. What kind of foundation do I need?

For smaller e-house modules, you might need just 2m long ground screws.  Bigger modules require concrete pillars or a concrete foundation. We will be happy to find the best solution and advise you on how the foundation should be positioned on your site correctly. You can also avoid all the hassle and let us take care of everything.

14. What kind of heating can I get?
Thanks to perfectly dimensioned thermal insulation, the e-house belongs to the category of low-energy buildings and its heating system and energy operation is indeed low-cost.  For the heating system you can choose electrical infrared panels (wall or ceiling mounted), heat convectors, electric infrared under-floor mats or a free-standing fireplace furnace to fill your home with romantic crackling fire sounds.

15. How much is the transportation and e-house installation?
The cost of transportation depends on the distance and the size of the e-house. Depending on where your land is located, we will pre-calculate the transportation costs. For instance, estimated transportation costs within Slovakia for a 260km distance are around 1.300,- Euros.
16. What if I need a larger space in the future?
Thanks to the e-house modulation, the building is very flexible and it can be transformed or expanded by adding another module next to it, or even above it (two-storey house).  The house structure is strictly made from wood only; so making new entrances, windows or passages is extremely easy. Simply add another e-House module to get more space and unlimited possibilities.
17. Who will build my e-House?
Our team consists of highly skilled specialists who use their long-term experience in wooden construction gained not only in Slovakia, but also abroad (northern Europe, USA, the UK etc). We have highly skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers or roofers, floor and wall tilers, etc. in our team. You can fully rely on the quality of our services.
18. What other purposes might an e-house serve?
Don't have enough office space? Would you like to relax in the country or somewhere by a lake? Are you planning to open your own café or a snack kiosk? There are many options how the e-House can be used. Only your imagination is the limit. Now, all you need is a land where we will bring your new e-house.